Bammy Nomination

I'm pleased to announce that I have recently been nominated for a Bammy Award!

Presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, the Bammy award is a cross-discipline award recognizing the contributions of educators from across the education field.

I was nominated by the one and only Theresa Shafer, Online Community Manager for the New Tech Network. It is an honor that she would consider me for this award. I feel humbled just to be recognized alongside other school leaders nomininated such as Eric Sheninger and Chris Lehmann. Thank you, Theresa!

Round 1 of the selection process is a screening of "public influence and popularity within the education community." To vote for me, simply go to my nomination page, register, and cast a vote! Your ratings and comments will be displayed publicly for all the world to see.

The nominees with the most votes in a category automatically receive the Educator's Voice Awards and become eligible for consideration by the Academy for the Bammy Award in their category. The open nomination and voting for the Educator's Voice Awards allows for the discovery of new people, programs and organizations who are making a difference in education but may be below the radar screen of the education community.

I think I qualify as just below that radar!

If you have ever worked with me and have nice things to say about that, please take a moment to cast your vote. If nothing else, your kind words mean a lot and I appreciate your time!

Thank you!